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Appraisal - Confirm checkbox

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Hi guys,

I need to setup an appraisal template with a checkbox.

This checkbox should be mandatory and should be unchecked by default.

I manage to create a checkbox as radio button with only one value, but it appears checked by default. The client doesn't accept this, as this checkbox is important for legal purposes and therefore has to be checked by the appraiser only.

Is there any way to implement this?

I also though of setting it as a "yes/no" dropdown list, and then check if the value chosen was "Yes", and prevent the user to advance the appraisal in case value is still "no". This error would be thriggered depending on the button selected by the user. However this also seems a complex solution, and I don't know how to implement it.

Could you please provide me some guidance on this? Does any of you had this kind of requirement?

Thank you in advance.


Carla Sousa

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Carla Sousa,

Nice day.

Please set the corresponding column with a one-quality-value Q qualification.
At the same time, please make sure there is no value determination Badi implementation selected for this column.

I tested on my end, it works for both dropdown and radio button.

For example,
1. In OOHAP_VALUE_TYPE, define a quality value list (scale) with only one value.
2. In OOQA, define a qualification that has the above one-value scale selected.
3. In the template, select layout of values as Dropdown Box, and at the same time, assign the above
one-value qualification to the particular column. Set this column's value input as required in order
to make it mandatory.

Best regards.