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Apply Overhead to Cross Company Costing without BOM

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We are maintainin BOM's only in one plant and want to be able to cost materials in all the plants using costing run. The problem in doing so is we have the prices at different plants marked up by a specific percent when compared to the plant which mainatins the BOM's. It is possible to bring in the cost estimate of the material from the plant which has BOM's using the cross company costing and using special procurement keys but it is not possible to add an overhead to this cost estimate since the overhead is not added to this cost estimate. Please suggest an alternative approach if it is possible to add an overhead to a cost estimate from an another plant. Any help in this matter is greatly appreciated.


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If I am understanding you, a manufactured material cost 10.00 in the mfg plant; you want to uplift it by 30% so in second plant it has a cost of 13.00

To do this, we turned off Cross plant costing and used Profit center transfer pricing. By creating overhead groups for shipping plant and pricing them in conditions (trans VK19) based on "from" plant "to" plant.

One draw back - the entire cost in the receiving plant is a "material" component Labor and overhead are not broken out.

The other issue, for you, is that a consultant and the SD Pricing guru did the configutation, created new key combination to include overhead group, so I can not explain in detail how it was done. I do not think that any user exist is involved.

Perhaps this give you hope.