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APP(f110) : Alternative Payee not handled in check register

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Request expert advice for the below situation -

Vendor 1 is maintained as an alternative payee for Vendor 2.

Now there exist 2 invoice say,

Against Vendor 1 - $100

Against Vendor 2 - $200

Now, I create a auotmatic payment program (F110) and include both the vendors in the same proposal and execute -

Ideally, there should be a single check against Vendor 1 for $300, but there will be 2 payment doc numbers generated against each vendor. --> This step is working fine.

Issue: When i check in the check register (FCHN), only the payment docuument number against Vendor 2 for $ 200 is available.

Where am i missing? Is it config related? or is it variant releated?



Edited by: Sridevi on Sep 30, 2008 1:44 AM

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Answers (2)

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Issue was not solved. Indirectly we are planning to handle thru HO funcitonality

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Hi Sridevi

Please check the table PAYR and see what is the check number in the table for the other payment document. The current check details should be there in the table. This means that in FCHN there is some selection parameter that you need to change. Just give the details of the paying company code, account id and house bank. Just give the check number and nothing else in the selection. I am sure the amount will show up. Let me know what was the result.