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AP of purchase order issue

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I have a PO, the goods has been deliveried, and payment has been clear by customer, Now, vendor sent a invoice to us, but the unit price is different from the po unit price. I would like to know then how to do next step. I can't change the po price because the goods receipt and delivered and clear payment. I know that MIRO has a serveral type I can use, like credit memo, subsequent debit/credit, which type i can use in my situration. Thanks!

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Answers (2)

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You already performed MIRO for this invoice right? Please confirm if my assumption is correct:

PO unit price = 1 per EA

PO qty = 100

Total PO = 100

Invoice unit price = 2 per EA

Invoice qty = 100

Total Invoice = 100

Meaning that there is a typographical error in the vendor invoice unit price. It has no impact as to SAP, but in the audit there is because by right all supporting documents should match. What I may suggest is, you ask the vendor to send you a correct invoice, thus matching the PO unit price and their invoice, since the total is the same... if you were able to post the document 😃

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Dosen't complete LIV, The invoice is correct, but the po unit price is incorrect.

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U Done a PO , Good Receipt , Payment, but after some time u have receive a invoice when price is chnage.

Suppose PO in price 10 qty @ 10 = 100

u done GR 100

U can payment 100

but here u cannot done a invoice

first of all u can done invoice of rs 100 , beacause u given full payment , suppose when vendor give u invoice change price , u cannot do chnage price.

if any query revert back