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AO workbook is not getting saved in server

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Hi All,

We are able to open all the Group Reporting related workbooks with correct selection parameters; but when we are trying to save the workbook in the server, system is throwing an error message:

"Unknown error; document could not be saved"

We are not seeing any details in SU53 T-code, nothing coming in trace log, also no dump got generated in ST22 with our ID. Kindly let us know whether anyone has faced this issue.



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Answers (2)

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Go to transaction code PFCG -> select the role you are using in AO -> go to authorization object S_RS_AO and expand it -> make sure that authorization field ACTVT has the following activities: "Add or Create" and "Change".

Try to perform the steps one more time.

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Hi There,

What version and Service pack is your AO on? Might be an issue that was fixed in a later service pack? I think the current version is 2.8 Servcie pack 14 but there might be newer service packs.

If your using AO with Public Cloud you can't save workbooks to the server. you have to save them locally.

If your using AO with On Prem or Private Cloud you should be able to save them to the server but if that's the case then something isn't configured correctly.

A woirk around is save the Excel Spreadsheet OFFLINE to your local computer and when you open it up press the Refresh Icon on the top left on the Analysis Ribbon bar and it will reconnect and ask you to login and then refresh the data.

Good Luck!