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Any UserExit while Posting Shipment cost?

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Dear All,

SD transportation/shipment cost integration with MM-Account Payable.


1. VA01 - create sales order

2. VL01n - create Delivery

3. VL02n - PGI

4. VT01n - create Shipment

5. VI01 - create shipment cost doc.

Here PO will get generated automatically. For that PO, a service entry sheet is created for every L.R no given by Transport vendor. Then MIRO is posted for the service entry sheet.Payment is done against that.

But my client's requirement is that normally transporter will have contract with the company. Transporters supply to various Customer place and raises the bill for every L.R no.

In case of Transporteru2019s freight bills settlement, vendor invoice posting should be L.R no wise which is captured in Shipment

L.R no wise tracking is required for Transporteru2019s payment.

I understand that there is no SAP STD integration of LR number of shipment doc with vendor Incoming Invoice posting. But Vendor invoice can be posted for multiple POs.

When shipment document is created, the system will generate PO automatically in the background. L.R number is to be captured and should be passed on to PO doc through USER EXIT.

Hence I request you to kindly reply USER EXIT available for Shipment doc. so that the customization (development) can be done in transporteru2019s (vendor) payment L.R No. wise.

Please reply your view in this regard.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Check below link for all SD User Exits.

Best regards,


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Exit Name Description VI01

V54B0001 Shipment costing: Configure pricing

V54B0003 Shipment Costs Calculation: Determine Rate Type and Currency

V54B0004 Shipment Cost Calculation: Determine Status

V54C0001 Shipment costing: Description(s) shipement cost item(s)

V54C0002 Shipment costing: Create shipment cost sub-items

V54C0003 Shipment Costs Processing: Determine Invoicing Party

V54C0004 Shipment Costs Processing: Determine Loc. for Tax Invoice

V54D0001 Shipment Costing: Determining the Tax Countries

V54KSFRC Determining the factors for apportionment of shipment costs

V54P0001 Extended Function Codes for Shipment Cost Information

V54U0001 Shipment cost processing: Check whether changes made

V54U0002 Check shipment costs for completion

V54U0003 Specification of shipment cost number

V54U0004 Formatting for update of new objects (shipment costs)

V54U0005 Updating new objects in shipment cost processing

V54U0006 Shipment Purchase Order - Header Data Supply

V54U0007 Shipment Purchase Order - Item Data Supply

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You can try with the following User exit but i am not sure whether you can meet your requirement.

1. V56USVDO (Enhancement)