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Any method to mask the "Total" in the form of Delivery?

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I have tried to create a picture box to mask the "Total" value (UI),when I resize the form , the picture box become transparent!!! Is it prossible to mask a field in the form using UI?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Just access the total textfield and make it visible = false;

oForm.Items.Item("29").Visible = false; //The field
oForm.Items.Item("30").Visible = false; //The label

If that doesn't work try setting the left property to something that will never come into view no matter how large you make the window... Something like this

oForm.Items.Item("29").Left = 5000; //The field
oForm.Items.Item("30").Visible = 5000; //The label

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That's all what I need!!!

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