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Annual Salary value mismatch in quality and production in info type 0008(Basic Pay)

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Dear Friends,

Annual Salary amount(Indian payroll) in info type 0008(Quality client) mismatches with the amount in production client. In production amount is higher. Please provide a solution.

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You Might have selected not to overwrite the wage type in T511 , Hence it is not allowing to change. I feel there is no issue Just change the amount of the wage type the issue will be sorted out.

Before concluding the issue , Advice you to check for other employees i see you wont get any issues.

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sikindar.a Dear Sikindar,

Even after changing the value of wage type 9930-Monthly*12 Dummy as 11596800, the amount reflected in wage type 9931-CTC Dummy is 13161111 which should come as 12611068 as in quality. Difference amount is 550043. Unable to find out the issue. I have also checked for other employees in production. While changing the value of wage type 9930, it automatically reflects in other wage types 9931, 9932, 9934. Only this employee has this issue.