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analyze/report PiR vs. Sales order demand

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Dear Community,

I am new working in SAP so some transactions are a mystery for me. I have serveral quesitons where I was not able to find a suficient answer yet so I hope someone can help me.

My task right now is to bring the demand forecast in SAP. We are working with MD61 and strategie Z3, calculation mode 2 (first backwards, then ahead), 60 days in the past and 30 days in the future. I have to say, that much of ouf our system is pretty customized, but the PIR is on standard settings (as fare as I know).

my questions/topics:

1) how can I analyze the total demand for all PIR material over a specific period vs. sales orders? Like MD73 - just for all PIR material in one report? I found MD79 that gives me the current PIR, but there are no sales orders in.

2) we have set the availability check on strategie 02 (single demand), now when a customer PO comes in and we bring it in the system the check gives us a new deliverydate, if the demand is covered/exceeded. In some cases, we can not change the deliverydate. Delivery date and amount are fix.

If we do not confirm the the new suggested delivery date, what happen next?

Thank you upfront for some tipps and tricks!

Best regards

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Point 1) In the total requirements display MD73, you can display details about which assignment requirements customer requirements, dependent requirements, are used to consume a planned independent requirement. There is no other transaction, so you can use MD73 with selection as MRP controller, or use Requirements plan number = * execute it.

Please refer discussion

MD73 entering series of material numbers

Point 2 ) 02 Individual reqmt ATP check group from OVZ2 works in combination of check rule A for sale order as per scope of check defined in OVZ9. You can check here Check availability without replenishment lead time.

Items for which the delivery date falls within the replenishment lead time, but for which there is no inventory, are confirmed for delivery after the replenishment lead time.

For more details please refer useful wiki document on it.

General Customizing Settings of the Availability Check

Best Regards,