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amount in the creation of fixed assets SAP BUSINESS BY DESIGN

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Good morning friends, I am writing to you because I have a doubt regarding the quantity position when creating the fixed assets in SAP business bydesign.

when creating the fixed asset it does not give me any quantity option, that is, if I want to buy or create 50 chairs, it only lets me create 1. On the other hand, in the ERP I understand that there is an option for quantity where when creating the fixed asset you place the amount you want and that will be your full stock

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Hi Francisco,

Currently there's no concept of quantity as such.

If you are creating Fixed asset from FA work center directly, you can try

a) create one main asset and then create 50 subassets for the 50 chairs, capitalize these or

b) create 50 assets, and then do a transfer of 49 of the IMATs into the other 1 asset

Else if you are creating it from PO/GSR/SIV process with IMAT account determination, and have your quantity as 50 there, but it won't really reflect in the FXA as you want.

Best Regards,