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Alternative to 511 mov type?

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HI MM experts,

we have an issue wrt Mov type. scenario is

1. we do good issues thru MIGO/reservation No. using movetype 261 against service order (PMCS module) for some components say qty 10 Nos.

2. after sometime we gectagainst the above, defective components say 5 nos or 10 nos, so we are using 511 mov type MIGO/GR/Others, here the component MAP is changed because of mov type, and basically these components are scrapped in plant in defective sloc, hence affecting MAP is to be avoided.

I wud like to take defective components into the plant the MoVtype used shud not affect the MAP unlike 511 mov type.

Actually the above is Replacement of components to Customer and taking back the defective components into the plant for accounting purpose.

please help/suggest which mov type is suitable for our requirement.

thanx &regards


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I suggest you do the following:

1. For the defective product, use a separate material number (non valuated / valuated depending on your business requirement)

2. If option 1 is not possible, generate by product using MB1C 531 movement (or a copy of 531 movement). This way your order will be credited and will hit the stock without affecting your moving average price.

Hope this helps.



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My issue resolved after using Mov Type 531.

Thanx so much