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alternative reconciliation account

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We have defined Alternative Reconciliation Accounts using SSCUI 102631. However when we create a Supplier invoice  via the Apps 'Create Supplier Invoice' or 'Create Supplier invoice - Advanced'. The field for the reconciliation account is greyed out. We can change the field value ? 

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See KBA 2853117

In an MM invoice it is NOT possible to edit the reconciliation account.

The usage of alternative reconciliation accounts is an FI functionality and only applies to FI APPs.

You can create a Supplier Invoice using the FI webgui tile 'Create Incoming Invoices' (FB60) where the Reconciliation Account field is open for editing and an alternative reconciliation account can be set.

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Thanks Brian,

The Reconcilliation Account field is gray, that means I can't change it. How to enable it?