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Alternative Payee for One-time Vendor Account

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I try to make a payment by F-58 for a One-time vendor, and it has an Alternative Vendor in its master record, like a "Vendor Permitted as Payee"; but the vendor who received the payment is the same One-time vendor instead of the alternative vendor.

I checked the document simulation in the same transaction, and appeared the message error F5A 153.


Thanks in advance...


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please see the following Note:

Note 394306 - Alternative payee check in parking

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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If you work with an one-time-vendor, SAP doesn't regard the case that the CPD vendor has an alternative payee. Therefore you get the error message. In case of a CPD vendor the bank informations should be added to the CPD screen itself.

In the master data of the CPD account XXXX you might have defined the option to enter an alternative payee. By SAP default the fields for alternative payees are not offered for CPD account groups in the master data. The fields must have been opened for input for the account group ZZZZ by yourself.

This is the standard behaviour, as it is harcoded :

module check_alternative_payee input.

check g_aktyp ne 'A'.

if invfo-regul ne space

or invfo-xcpdd ne space.

message e153(f5a).


In this you could check that the invfo-xcpdd is not equal to space, as the posting to the CPD forces you to write address individually, so field invfo-xcpdd becomes equal to X. Then error appears.

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Ravinagh Boni

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Thanks!, but i found this note two days ago and i read it, but i still have the doubt about why i can't do this... The note tells:

"the system should check this and prevent it by issuing error message F5A153. This check does not occur"

I guess, the combination of a one-time vendor with alternative payee is not possible, but i haven't found why.

Thanks for your answer...