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alternative item selection at the time of confirmation.

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Hi, please suggest how to maintain alternative items and also how to choose alt items at the time of confirmation of specific material.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You cannot select the alternative material at the time of confirmation

Create alternative BOM for the material,then maintain the same in production version

What you can do is create production versions for that material in MRP4 view

Then while converting the planned order to production order (in discrete) you will get a pup up to select any one of the production version you had maintained

This is how you can select the altertnative items

Revert back if you need any further clarifications



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Thanks for suggesting ,but we have thousands of material for which there is alternative exists so do you say alternative items can be used for planning only.?Is not there any procedure because to create alt bom and also production version then cost estimate it may be time consuming.

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Alternative item has to be maintained in respective BOMs.

Give the same item no in the BOM for the alternates.

Double click on one of the alternate item, the header data for the item will appear.

In the basic data Tab, enter the ALTITEM GRP value it can be any number or character.

CLick on the arrow button that will appear after entering the alternate item.

Give the Priority, Strategy & usage probability. BAsed on these values the alternate item is selected during BOM explosion.

The alternate item group value should be same for both the alternate items.

For further details refer

[Alternate Item|]

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Thanks,I just tried on our developement server and its fine.good key .

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