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Alternate Sequence operation confirmation ...

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hi folks ,

i have 3 operation in STD seq like 10, 20, 30

and for the std sequence thr is alternate seq. which contain alternate operation for

20 th operation of STD.

FOR operation 20 now :

In STD seq only one activity Machine time required for 1 item to process is 10 min.

In ALT seq only one activity Machine time required for 1 item to process is 5 min.

when i am confirming the 20 operation in CO11 the time required for the opr 20in ALT seq opr. 20 is not appering on the QTY / YIELD .


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Mr.Ajay,

Check in OPL8 - Order Type Dependent Parameters - Check box Alternative

sequence & sequence selction.

OPK4 - Order Confirmation parameters - Operation Individual entry using initial screen



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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You can cross-check in the production order, operation overview whether the operation 20 is that of the alternative sequence. If not when you create the production order the sytem will inform that alt. seq exist. Here you have to choose the alt.seq.

Also check the settings in the confirmation parameters (opk4).

Propose qty/standard value is to be selected.



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Hi Ajay,

Please check you sequence while confirming

is it 0 or 1 , 0 is for standard and 1 is for alt. sequence

also check OPL8 settings

if solved reward