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Alternate parts considertion in MRP

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Is there any facility to specify alternate parts for a part in BOM?

If we can do that, can MRP be aware of alternate part quantity available before suggest PR? for example, if part A is an alternate part of part B, then even if Part A is in shortage but Part B quantity is available, MRP should suggest using Part B instead of firing additional order for Part A.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In BOM alternative items are assigned to alternative item group on the general


In the production order in the general data tab page.

We can define the alternative items based on priority , strategy and usage probability.


This defines the priority of the item within the alternative item group.

This determines the priority of planned withdrawls of items.

EX Two items are assigned to alternative item group

item A Priority 1

item B Priority 2

The system reads the item A first.


use the strategy to determine how the planned withdrawl is controlled

within the alternative item group.

The strategy should be same for all alternative items within a alternative

item group.

If the value 2( 100% check) is defined for the strategy the first material in

the defined priority sequence for which sufficient quantities are available

are reserved.

If value 1 is used( manual maintainence/ usage probability) depending upon the

availability you can manually with draw components.

Usage Probability:

MRP Plans these alternative material components according to probability

of use.Material requirements for BOM Components are planned according

to usage probability.

The planned withdrawls for the production order are based on the

reservation lists.These lists are based on the priority and strategy.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Thanks, your answers clear my doubts

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In BOM T.code cs02,

For item 10,goto the item detail screen & choose alternative item group.

Here define the priority,strategy & usage probability.

During mrp run the system will consider based on priority & usage probability & strategy & plans the material.

Repeat the same process for the alternative part Egitem 20 & give a different priority & usage probability.

Also refer the foll link for more details,



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But does this do what has been requested? It is very useful functionality and thanks for highlighting it but this will not simply switch to a different component if there is a stock shortage of the first component (which was the request)?

Steve B