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Alt calc routine executed during billing despite no price redetermination?!

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Hoping someone might have some ideas on this strange issue!

The issue occurs in an order-based invoice scenario. In my copy control from from the order to the invoice, I have the pricing type set to 'D' (copy all elements unchanged) for all item categories. For the most part, this is working as expected. However, a few condition types in my pricing procedure are set up to use an alternative calculation routine, and for some reason that routine is being re-executed at billing, despite no pricing redetermination??! Since not all of the fields that available in komk/komp during order enty are available during billing, my logic in the routine is failing when it is re-executed during and incorrectly updating the condition value. (I've figured this out by placing breakpoints in my calculation routine and debugging).

Does anyone know why or how a calculation routine would be executed even when pricing is copied over unchanged?

I am 100% certain that the rest of the pricing is being copied unchanged -- I've tested by changing the amounts on my master pricing condition records and confirmed that the new amounts are NOT brought into the invoice, it's just that the calculation routine is re-executed.

I can probably fix my calculation routine to use komk/komp fields that are available during both order entry and billing, however, I would love to get to the root cause of why the calculation routine is being re-executed.

Thanks for any and all thoughts and suggestions!


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Per OSS Note 24832 - Pricing rules / TVCPF, pricing type D will result in prices are fixed (no scales are read), but condition base value and value are re-determined. So you may need to use an user exit to control the behavior. You may be also interested in Note 900089 - Pricing: Processing steps for FORM XKOMV_BEWERTEN