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Alt BOM selection in Item level

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Dear all,

I have 2 products A and B, C is component for A and B.

But C has 2 alternate so A for it should consider alternate 1 and for B it should consider alternate 2.


production version selection is product header level not for item in standard SAP(if am wrong pls correct).

We don't want to go for Variant configuration.

pls give valuable input based on experience.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Yumkumar

Yes you are right version selection is at header level and not at item level.

As per your scenario, there are alternatives of C which you are using in making product A and B, it means material C has 2 alternative BOM, please correct me if I am wrong

Try this solution to map your scenario:

1. Maintain 2 Production version for material C in MRP 4 view letz say VER1 & VER2, version 1 contains alternative 1 BOM and version 2 contains alternative 2 BOM

2. Choose option 3 (Selction only by Prod. version) selection method field in MRP4 view of material C

3. Maintain Quota arrangement for material C using txn code MEQ1, enter the validity pd. and click on Item overview enter as follows:

- Maintain 2 quota arrangement line (1 & 2) item for each production version

- Procurement Type:E

- Special procurement type:E

- Production Version: VER1 in line 1

VER2 in line 2

Do not enter any other value, save the data

4. Maintain quota arrangement usage (Which contains MRP field too) field in MRP2 view for material C

5. Maintain BOM for material A and assign material C

6. Maintain BOM for material B and assign material C


when you plan the material A or B then system also plan for material C but do plan the lower level components (assuming Material C is having BOM). hence if MRP is run for the material A or B (assuming MTS production) system creates the planned order for both A & C or B & C. Now assign Production Version to the planned order created for the material C and save the order, system automatially plan for the lower leve components of material C.

Please revert in case any confusion


Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Hi Muthu

Is your issue resolved?

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Thank U for all

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Dear ,

Can you please Clarify wether C has BOM or C is simply a component to A and B with respective Alternative ?

If C-Has BOM , then you need to follow the SAP standrad Prodcess like

1.Maintain BOM selection Method -2/3

2.Maintain PV1 and PV2 with different validity date and Lot size .

3.Maintain BOM-A with component -C1 and BOM -B with Component C2 .Based on the validity and lot size , MRP will check the BOM selection method and pick the Alternartive of C accordingly .

If C is juts a BOM component to A and B and you want to use an alternative item inplace of the normally used item(component),then you can create an alternative item group and put the normally used component say for Eg C1 and the alternative item say component C2 into an alternative item group A1 and give priority 1 to component C1 and priority 2 to C2 and the usage probability will be say 70 & 30 % respectively.

C1 set up :

AltItemGroup A1

Priority 01

Strategy 1

Usage prob. 700

C2 set up

AltItemGroup XX

Priority 02

Strategy 1

Usage prob. 30

If you are in REM business process , follow the below thread for farther information :

Just look into those option based on your requirement .Hope it clarifies



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As per i know u have only two way.

1. Make two alternate Routing for it , Production version u can't use in your case because it can be select Routing on base of either lot size or Validity Period. so it will always ask you to select routing at the time of order creation & u can select as per your requirement.

2. Make two articles in place of one like C1 & C2 in place of both & assign different in different finish material & then u can easily give different routing.

Stock you can take by selecting both. & if u need a option that c created for B can be take if Requirement for A then go to Bom & Put C2 as a C1 alternate article & c1 for c2 Alternate article.

Hope any one work for you.

Regards...........Rakesh Saxena

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Are you using Production Version ?