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allocated qty

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hi to all

how to allocate qty in batch transaction report for the sales order in sap b1 patch level 8


srinandha T

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i have attached the screen shot in third coloumn there is allocated qty, how to set that qty.


srinandha T

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Hi Srinandha,

If you want to allocate quantity at the time of Sales Order then follow this procedure:

1. In Sales Order item row, Enter Itemcode then got to Quantity Tab and enter desired quantity.

2. When you enter quantity in quantity field, then do not press only TAB but press ALT+TAB then it will direct you to Batch Number Transaction Field. Select your desired Batch Number and enter sales order quantity.

Then ADD Sales Order.

Then Go to Inventory ----> Item Management ----> Batches ----> Batch Details ----> Enter Batch Number(Batch No. which you selected in Sales Order). Then Batch Details window will open.Select Quantities tab in right bottom side of Batch Details window. You will get your solution there.


Harshal Makwana