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All data transfer from one Maintenance Plant to Another

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Hello Experts ,

I need your kind guidance .

In our project , one plant is expanding and Business wants to transfer Explicit services to another newly created plant . So in data migration , we have to migrate all existing Function Locations with thier hierarchy and also history has to be transferred . Rest all master data and transaction data has to be moved to new plant .

I have device one approach to continue . Pls correct if i missed anything .

Function Locations :  As confirmed from the business we have to move complete hierarchy . Hence from the production we have downloaded complete list in structured way as in hierarchy . For each function location , we will follow the alternative labelling approach starting from superior FL to child FL and subsequent  child . In this way , Hierarchy will be retained .

The dependent fields in Location and Organisation tab will be changed as per the new label . Business will confirm on the updated fields like cost centers , New work centers etc . There are about 6000 FL’s to be transferred for which LSMW data migration tool will be used .

Measuring Points and Measuring Documents : Will be retained as it is .

Maintenance Plan and Maintenance Items: All task lists will be new created with reference from the Existing Previous plant task list and i will update the required fields like new Plant and Work center .

As far as Maintenace Plan are considered , i will update the Function Locations (  after label change ) and the new task list respectively thru LSMW Tool .

Pls correct me if i am missing something . Thanks to you guys for precious time .

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Hello ,

Could anyone please help .