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All columns are not displayed in Spool output

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Hello Gurus,

I am just functional user. (No ABAP skill or Access).

When i am trying to pull large (Large amount of rows) data, from MARA table (SE16N), SAP is timing out.

So i am trying to output this data to SAP spool.

in Spool output , all the columns are not displayed.

I have tried changing the no of columns before out put, but result was same.

Shift + F4 method tried, didnt work

Any help on displaying all columns in spool is much appreciated.

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1. When you run the MARA table in background mode you can't expect it to populate all columns in spool output as it has its own restriction. The background job will pick only default layout available in MARA and it will not pick any user defined layout in general.

2. Still if you want to pick all columns declared in user specific layout then this can be achieved through ABAP coding and making the job to pick user defined layout.


Saravanan D

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Hello Saravanan,

Thanks for your answer.

I am not using any user defined layout, Just standard MARA table in SE16N.