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ALE Data Transfer - Urgent help needed

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I am trying to set up an ALE interface from a SAP ECC 6 system to another SAP ECC 6 system using HRMD_A idocs. The complication I have is in the receiving system, I need to generate a new PERNR for all employees transferred.

Can anybody advise how to go about doing this?

Many thanks


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Answers (2)

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Hi you can send the employees from sender system to reciever system.

With the help of transaction pfal you can send the personnel number.

You have to choose the ploan version 01

object type will be p

in object id write the employee number which will be transferred to the reciever system

Then push the run button.

But you have to configure HRMD_A in ALE implementation.

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well it is not imossible but why do you want to generate a new pernr in the receiving system?

ale is for data replication and from a hr perspective it could mean that similar data of a particular object type can be tansferred between systems without change in the object-id... which for all practical purposes is the pernr.