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AL quota annual generation based on seniority

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Hi there,

I have got a requirement from the client regarding AL quota generation.


The leave accrual and entitlement are calculated depending on the seniority based on AL date in IT41, i.e.

  • 1)If the seniority is < 1 year, no leave is entitled
  • 2)If the seniority is >=1 year, but < 10 years, employee is entitled 7 days/year
  • 3)If the seniority is >=10 years, but < 20 years, employee is entitled 12 days/year
  • 4)If the seniority is >= 20 years, employee is entitled 17 days/year

The total entitlement is calculated and granted on the 1 Jan every year.

For example, if the employee joins company on 1.07.2019, there is no leave entitlement for him in 2019;

On 01.01.2020, it is expected that 3.5 days of AL are generated and granted to the employee, as he achieves 1 year seniority on 01.07.2020;

On 01.01.2029, it is expected that 9.5 days of AL are generated and granted to the employee, which is 7/365*182+12/365*183.

Master Data

IT41 – AL 01.07.2019

V_T559E Setting

V_T559L Configuration_selection rule 501 with base entitlement rule 501.

There are selection rules 502, 503, 504 with similar settings. The only difference is the base entitlement rule.

Time Evaluation Result for 01.01.2020 – only selection rule 501 is processed

Time Evaluation Result for 07.01.2020 – only selection rule 502 is processed, but no leave quota is generated.

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