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Aging Receiveables Report with project details

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Hi All

Has anybody tried to create an Aging Receiveables Report with project ID's.

I have a client who invoices projects but when looking at the aging report you cannot pull in the project.

We have tried data source joins even with that the key figures for the aging are not available.

Any help appreciated



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Hi Raj,

I received multiple times this request of creating an Aging by project. I've tried multiple ways to create data source, but each time I was unsucessful creating the aging structure back (0-30)-(30-60), and at the time it was also confirmed by SAP that we couldn't recreate this structure by ourselves.

Problem : The aging report is build on a data source showing only the header information of the invoice and the project number is store on the line items of the invoice, that is the source of the problem.

My solution : Create a PDI solution that consist of creating an extension field on the header of the invoice that copies over the header project number of the 1st line item. The extension filed of the header will aggregate to the data source of the aging. (Before save on the invoice request document). I created this solution as a template as all customers managing projects want that. I deployed this solution to more than 10 customers.

Limitation: My solution implies that is a 1 to 1 relationship, meaning 1 invoice - 1 project. Also, if you decide to do that, make sure that to code doesn't run when a credit memo is generate - If you don't do that an 107 error will be triggerred as you are trying to write in an object that you are not suppose to. Also, if you are doing merge of invoices, it will split the merge, so be careful. If those secnarios don't apply to your customer, my solution will work perfectly.

Other point, in 1902 SAP released a new functionality where you can do formulas using dates. You now can do formulas like ("Today"- xxxx), I haven't tried yet if you can recreate the aging structure using this new functionnality , maybe you can try !

Hope this helps !