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After Deleting delivery the Qty still remains reserved

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Once you delete a delivery in sap ,the qty of the delivery item should be transformed into open qty for the future dellviery.But this is not happening as on sale order in the schedule line in tab it still shows "delivered items like 40" altough the delivery has been deleted.

The consequences are major as never a delivery of that item can be created as there are no open qtys and that stock cannot be used as well.

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Answers (4)

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Hi Buddy,

Please run the program SDRQCR21 to remove the entires form buffer and requirement will be consistent in MD04 and same stock will be visible under unrestircted use.



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Please check for respective Material at Sales: General/Plant tab what is the availability option selected if it is anything other than KP(No check), then system confirms the quantity as soon as the sales order is saved.

Even though the Delivery has been Deleted, in your case if Quantity is confirmed against that Sales order that Quantity will be available for other SalesOrder and their corresponding Deliveries.

U can test this my reducing the Quantity of that Line item from that sales order. You will find that Quantity reduced from old sales order will be available for new Sales Order.

Hope this will solve your Query.

With Best Regards,


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If it is showing then there is some problem in your configuration may be.

But normally it wont show as delivered in sales order even after deleting the delivery after reversing the PGI. Even i have simulated the scenario for me the delivered Qty has become blank.

Close the SO and open the sales order once again and check whether still it is showing the qty.



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Here goods are not delivered that's all.

because after sales order creation the goods will be reserved against the sales order so that it will show in MMBE as reserved against sales order.

if you create a delivery you will be transferrign owner ship rights to the custmer.