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Advice for a Novice FI/CO Consultant

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Good day to everyone

I just finished my FI/CO training in the SAP Academy, and I was just wondering if you guys have tips for a total SAP newbie like me. I have no idea what to expect when I am assigned to a project and what the work description/ work load would be? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Thanks Reg. I'll keep that in mind.

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Thanks for the advice. I also heard from a friend in SAP that it's actually better to work on a small project team as compared to a major project, since you get to handle more of the processes. Is there some truth to this statement?

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Hello Patrick,

There are two sides to this thought. Being a fresher, if you start with a small project team, the onus of responsibility is high and the client expectations are high too and you would have pressure on your deliverables. Although it is a learning platform, but it cannot be done at the cost of your employer and the client.

Where as if you are part of a large team, the responsibility is didtributed and you have other members to discuss and take advise from. This experience also is useful for leading projects in future individually.


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Thanks for the replies! I appreciate them.

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for which company are you gong to work?

Make sure you change project each year at least once in order to learn more functionalities and see different processes! Don't stick to the same too long ...

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Adding further to Sridevi's comments:

- Be aware of deliverables - micro and macro level

- Plan how / what / who / when

- Ask when in doubt - within your team

-Always try to exceed client's expectations

-Do not your role right but help your team members

- Always be curious to learn. There is a saying that in SAP, you must add one word to your resume every day. Now, you can imagine how much is there to know and learn.

-Always check in the forum for any clarifications, there are so many on board to make you comfortable

All the best


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Welcome to the world of SAP - FI Consultants!

As a functional consultant, you should be well versed in the business process and understand the flow and configuration becomes very easy.

There are 2 different type of work, you may be part of - Either you will be involved in implementation project or in support and maintenance. Both are interesting in their own way.

To start with, check our forum in SDN - ERP Financials - this gives you an idea as to the real time problem faced by the consultants and the solutions.

Check out the ASAP methodology, best practices followed and the routine work of FI consultants in the organization( u get whole lot of stuff in internet...just have an intellectual browsing!)

All the very best to you!



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