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Advantages of Service Master and service acceptance sheet

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I want to know the Pros and cons of Service master and service acceptance sheet for preparing a document.

Pl give me your views on this.


R. Dillibabu.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Dillibabu,

To add a few more points, If u maintain Service master then it would save a lot of time Becos the details of service are maintained already in that master record. Service acceptance sheet helps us to record the service performed. We can have release procedure for service entry sheets for better control. This would help us to check the services performed, Limits etc.



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hi Krishnan,

Process :-

Steps :-

  1. Create service master record
  2. Maintain conditions
  3. Create PR
  4. Create Service PO with respect to Purchase document.
  5. Service entry sheet which is a record of services rendered by vendor/Contractor

  6.      Finally do MIRO

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Dear Dillibabu,

When you create a service master you avoid repetetive data entry efforts as again and again you do not require keying in the same text for services which can be volumunous. Also you have the option to group the services using the service/material group which can be done in service master. Also you have the option to assign valuation class in the service master for account determination purpose.

When you do the service entry it is just like the Goods receipt even in the back ground a material document is create with movement type 101 which you can see in the PO history. The biggest advantage of using the service entry is the financial implication. When service entry is done A g/l account for ex service account is debited and GR/IR is credited. Which is then cleared at Invoice posting and liability created towards vendor.

If you do not do a service entry you will have to track these manually as to services of what value is performed and inform to finance.

I hope this helps.

Thanks and regards,


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Agree with other experts said .....

Biggest pros I see is that automatic account determination process gets activated when you keep service master records...

Otherwise you have to put all values manually .....and based on material group ur acounting posting takes place.....

And SES is required its like doing ur Good Receipts for services done by vendor ...



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Service Master:


a) Standard definition of services

b) Data like material group, GL account can be defaulted accurately

c) Analysis can be done on services


a) Data Maintenance can be very high

Use it for regular services only.

Service Acceptance Sheet (Is this Service Entry Sheet):

This is like goods receipt for services and suggest that you must have this to ensure & record the services performed. You can also evaluate vendors on service quality & timeliness from service entry sheet data.

Provides the basis for payment of services performed.

Best regards