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Advances Problem

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Hi All,

I my senario, first i have to receive full amount in advance of material then after company will give the material to the cuatomer.

I short First Receive the money then after deleivery the goods .



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Answers (2)

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Dear Vipul

You have not specified what is your problem. If you want to know the transaction code for updating down payment, it is F-28.

If you want to know how to configure, please proceed as follows:-

To activate the billing plan function, maintain the materials, for which you wish to process down payments, with item category group 0005 (milestone billing). This gives the item type TAO via item type determination. The item type TAO calls up the billing plan function.

You need to implement the following activities in the billing plan for down payments:

=> Maintaining the deadline type: This determines the billing rule (percentage or value down payment) for the down payment request.

=> The system assigns billing type FAZ (payment request) defined in the standard system with billing category P. (For the billing type FAZ there is the cancellation billing document type FAS in the standard system).

=> Maintaining deadline proposal: Use the down payments that are due for the proposed deadlines.

Maintaining a Pricing Procedure with the Condition Type AZWR:

=> In the standard system the condition type AZWR is delivered for the down payment value already provided but which has not yet been calculated. You must include this condition type in the relevant pricing procedure before output tax.

=> Enter condition 2 (item with pricing) and the calculation formula 48 (down payment clearing value must not be bigger than the item value) for the condition type AZWR.

=> Before the condition AZWR you can create a subtotal with the base value calculation formula 2 (net value). If the condition AZWR is changed manually, you can get information on the original system proposal from the subtotal.

=> Maintain the printing indicator.

=> The pricing procedure can not be marked as a transaction-specific pricing procedure (field Spec.proc.)

=> The condition type AZWR has the calculation type B (fixed amount) and the condition category E (down payment request / clearing).

No statistical or inactive conditions are set in a down payment item. If you require these conditions, use the user exit USEREXIT_PRICING_COPY in include RV61AFZA.

Maintaing the Billing Document

=> In the standard system there is the billing type FAZ (down payment request) and for cancelling the billing type FAS.

=> Controlling the down payment is done using the billing category P of the billing type. A billing type becomes a down payment request when the billing category P is assigned.

=> You have to maintain blocking reason 02 (complete confirmation missing) for the billing documents and assign it to billing type FAZ.

=> Copying control:

Copying requirement 20 must be entered in copying control at item level for the down payment request. In the standard system the order type TA for copying control is set up according to the billing type FAZ for the item category TAO.

Copying requirement 23 must be entered in copying control at item level for down payment clearing. In the standard system the order type TA for copying control is set up according to the billing type F2 for the item category TAO.

Financial Accounting settings:

A prerequisite for down payment processing is that the account is assigned to the underlying sales document. To do this, change the field status settings in Customizing as follows:

=> Set reconciliation accounts (transaction OBXR)

For the ‘received down payments’ and ‘down payment requests’ from the G/L accounts you have selected, you should assign the field status definition G031.

=> Maintain accounting configuration (transaction OBXB)

For the down payments (posting key ANZ in the standard system) and the output tax clearing (posting key MVA in the standard system), you must maintain the posting key.

You must also carry out a G/L account number assignment for the tax account.

=> Maintain the posting key (transaction OB41)

For posting key 19 set the sales order as an optional field !!!

=> Maintain the field status definition (transaction OB14)

For field status variant 0001, field status group G031, set the sales order as an optional field !!!

Assign the company code to the field status variants (transaction OBC5)


G. Lakshmipathi