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Advance TDS

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I am doing TDS postings.

I am aware that when I make a vendor down payment TDS automatically gets deducted.

Later when I post an invoice also TDS aautomatically will be deducted.

Later when I transfer the Spl Gl to Normal account the douwn payment will be reversed along with the TDS in F-54.

How should I clear the normal Items now, what will be the entry in F-53. Please guide me.

Please find below the entries I have passed.

1) In F-48 (Down Payment) I have posted,

29A Vendor Spl Gl Acc 1,00,000 (Vendor Acc No 801902)

50 SBI Account 98,000- (Acc No 200030)

50 TDS On Contractors 2,000- (100398)

2) In F-43, I have made a purchases posting

40 Manufacturing costs 1,50,000 (Gl Acc 400200)

31 Vendor Account 1,47,000- (Vendor Acc 801902)

50 TDS on Contractors 3,000- (Acc No 100398)

3) When I make a Transfer in F-54

40 TDS on contractors 2,000 (Gl Account 100398)

26 Vendor account 98,000 (Vendor No 801902)

39a Vendor Spl Gl Acount 1,00,000- (Acc no 801902)

Please let me know what will be the entry in F-53 while I make the clearing.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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F-53 without TDS you have to post.

vendor account ac 49000

Bank account 49000


Madhu M

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