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Advance Payment Invoice through MM

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Dear all,

Please help me on this scenario: my client makes an advance payment for a PO and receievs an invoice for that. This invoice has VAT and it is shown at the VAT report. After a while the vendor sends the materials and a final invoice with the difference of the invoice minus the advance payment. The problem is that my client wants to post the invoice with the difference so as to have the correct VAT on the report, but in MM we have to post the hole ammount so as not to have differences with the PO. Please give me a solution how to treat the advance payment invoice.

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In this scenario You have to Post the Advance as Downpayment to vendor with Advance amount and tax what ever incurred thrugh FI transcation and there you will find a PO field where you can enter PO refernce and book that Advance amount given to vendor.The system will update this in the PO .You can see this in status Tab of the *PO header Data * and also in th ePO history line item will be updated.

For the Second half means

Now you recieve the Invoice from the vendor for the Amount which does not include advance you can post the Invoice by manually change the value.


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Dear sunny,

Whith the solution you describe, you make tha advance payment through f-47, f-48 and you see it at the PO status and at the PO history. The problem is that then you have to post the hole ammount during the invoice receipt and my client wants to post the difference (final minus advance payment) so as to have the correct VAT.