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Hi All,

I am using ADRMAS and ADR3MAS along with CREMAS to send Vendor address and Vendor Contact Person from SAP to another SAP System.

The Idocs are created correctly and sent to receiving system. The status of all three idocs is 53 however, the contact person are not created. I see Address information in the vendor master.

I tried to find why the contact information was not saved when the idoc has status 53 (Application Document Posted).

Please advice.


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ADR3MAS related to the distribution of Business Address Services. More precisely, it deals with the address part of the contact persons.

This does not mean the vendor contact persons.

To have a successful distribution, you would have to support the contact person distribution from within the CREMAS idocs. In other words, E1KNVKM in CREMAS. AND also distribute ADR3MAS/ADR2MAS.


I'm sorry for the information but there is no ALE support for the vendor contact persons.

This feature has not been developped and there is no plan to develop it for the next releases.

The only solution I can see is a consulting project.

SAP can help for you this.

If you are interested in such activity, I would encourage you to open a customer message in SAP marketplace under component LO-MD-BP-VM and ask that the message gets forwarded to development support. You may also add my name too in order to speed up processing.

Sorry for that information

Best regards