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Adopting PR to PO

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I am working in ECC 6.0 and I have run into following problem.

I created a PR with several line items- lI deleted ine item 160- then created line item 170 and 180. When I adopted this PR to create PO- line item 160 showed up with trash can. However, the system is requiring me to release this item and it is not letting me save the po. Also this deleted item is also showing up on Print preview.

Also line item 180 did not show up when the PR was adopted into PO- is there a limit of how many items can be adopted.

So I have three questions- first one why deleted item is showing up on PO( print preview); why the system is forcing me to relese a deleted item and 3 why all line items are not showing up when PR is getting adopted.

Need help- ASAP Thanks


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hi there

in the p/r go to item details

u have to select the material 1 over there

then on quantities tab u have to tick the closed indicator

when u do this the p/r for the first item is completed

it will not show the first item in the p/o

do this

u r problem will be slved

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