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Addon using only Addon and SDK Tools License Error

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Hello Every one,

    I have came across a situation that, I have developed an addon but the team using that add-on do not provided by any license i.e(Professional,Logistics,CRM,Financials) but only Add-on license but when I run my program it gives an error that "No SAP License", My question is that, Is that possible to do that without punching any license.

Thanks in advance

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Answers (2)

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    You have to assign the entries related license. sap add on license only for integration with sap.


Venki .A

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Hi Idrees,

Unfortunately, this will not work. In order to make a DI API (and UI API)
connection to SAP Business One you must supply a User ID and password, this
user must be assigned a valid license for connection. To test this, try logging
on to SAP Business One client with this user ID and password.

For detailed information on the licensing mechanism, refer
to the License Guide in the Documentation folder of the SAP Business One
installation folder.

Best Regards,


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Hi Daniel,

    Is there any other way to do that as my client cannot buy more users and the add-on is only customised for these users and they are not using any other functionality of SAP.

So is there any other way to make it possible??any other way..