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addon's lasts more than 20 minutes to connect to company

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Hi everyone,

I wonder if anyone of you had this problem on client PCs

the connection of an addon lasts more than 20 minutes on remote computers.

I've tried to find some documentation about the minimum required features for the client machine and for the network channels.

if you know of one could you help me with the link or the document itself

thanks in advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Product and Topic Expert
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I do not know, based on your description, what may be causing the issue. When you say this is an issue on "remote computers", what does that mean? Are the client computers in a normal LAN environment or are you talking about a VPN or other remote connection? Do you have the same connection issue with a client on the Business One Server and the add-on?

As far as hardware and software requirements to run SAP Business One, you can locate this in the System Setup/Installation guide that comes with Business One as well as if you are and SAP Business One partner you can find the SAP Business One Sizing Guide on the SAP PartnerEdge Portal.

To troubleshoot the connection issue, assuming that you are in a typical LAN environment, you could download the Business One Test Environment from the "Business One SDK Tools" which are located on the Business One main SDN page and use the .Net Profiler if your application is a .Net app to trouble shoot the connection issue.



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