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Additional cost Freight, CST is calulating in MIRO for 10.3% not requied

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Hello Team,

Additional cost Freight, Octroi, and CST we have assigned as NonInventorised and we get result in PO and GRN correctly for G/L account wise. Example. Freight value =10, Octroi= 7.51 and Cst value = 15.18

it shows G/L account wise in GRN and it is OK, but when we try to MIRO, system is calculating addition tax on freight, Octroi and CST for 10.3% means it comes 1.02.01 for Fright, Octroi .75.02.01 and CST 1.52+ .03+.02 but actually we don't want this calculation in MIRO. Because of this we are getting the wrong result.

Please suggest me the any configuration or any steps which we can follow.


Shital Deshpande

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You should have Freight value and Octroi in MM pricing procedure with condition types for each assigned to accounting key & accrual key which result posting these value to separate respective G/L account where G/L account assigned to accruals key in OBYC. The CST value comes from Tax procedure where CST condition type assigned to an accounting key and these accounting key assigned to a G/L account in OB40 which result on posting MIRO transaction by having separate entry of CST value with CST G/L account which is deductable, you can say not inventoried.

Refer link for more details:


Biju K

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi, Changed the tax code at the left side of your line item in Tax Code column as 0 tax for Freight, Octori,

CST will come automatically from tax code applied to Stock line item,

Though you are selecting layout 'Goods item service itemplanned Delivery Costs' in MIRO,

enter 0 tax for Planned delivery & 10.3% tax code for your Stock item,

If you are entering 10.3% Tax code at the time of MIRO initial entry then it will be applied to all the line item the same tax code.

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I hope you have select layout Goods item service itemplanned Delivery Costs in MIRO

so for your planned delivery ( Freight) you have to give such tax code which will not calculate any tax on that means zero tax code value like we used in import PO


Kailas Ugale

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For freigth, octroi, CST condition you might have the planned delivery cost condition for this select the layout planned delivery in the MIRO and at the header select the 0% tax code e,g V0 which si generally 0% and then check.