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Adding items to a system form (OINV)

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Hello There

What is the fastest way to load lots of items to OINV form(to the matrix) the moment it loads to the screen?

is there way to use LoadFromDataSource/FlushToDataSource ?

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the methods loadfromdatasource and flushtodatasource works onyl with system forms... i think you can use LoadFromDataSource using a right conditioned query with OITM.

Probably you have to set the BP CardCode first, because i don't think you can "set focus" to the matrix without selecting a BP first in the system form.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,

Fabio Salucci

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How do I know the name of the matrix datasource, in order to a get a pointer into it?


oMatrix1 = myForm.Items.Item("Prt").Specific

'// Get the DBdatasource we base the matrix...
oDBDataSource1 = myForm.DataSources.DBDataSources.Item("??????")

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Hi Hagai,

Two new methods of Matrix, LoadFromDataSource and FlushToDataSource, only works on User Defined form, but not system form. It's restrict to system form. In this case, you can only add data line by line.

Best Regards,

Nick He