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Adding IMG activites in Current settings(Easy access)

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Hi all,

Can somebody please explain me the procedure to add frequently used IMG activities in current settings in easy access in ECC5.0

Upto 4.6c version, I know the procedure of adding IMG activities to current settings.

Please respond immediately, I have to include one transaction in current settings.

Thanks & Regards


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In case if u cannot access

The entry in table CUSAMEN should best be made in the development system and then transported. The setting of the current setting indicator on the Customizing object can either be transported as well, or it can be set in the subsequent system according to Note 77430.

Note also that the change to the Customizing object might be reset after an upgrade. In this case, you would have to adjust the indicator again according to Note 77430.

Procedure as of Release 4.6:

As of Release 4.6, the corresponding indicator can be maintained directly from the IMG.

To do this, open the IMG and display the IMG structure. Position the cursor on the corresponding IMG activity and select the menu path "Edit -> Display IMG activity". On the following screen, choose the tab "Maint.objects". A list of the assigned Customizing objects is displayed. By double-clicking on the corresponding row, you navigate to the Customizing object and can set the indicator "Current settings" directly there.

Alternatively, you can also call Transaction SOBJ. Here, you must enter the Customizing object directly and can set the indicator directly as well."



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Hi Sridevi,

I am already having information upto 4.6c version. Now I want to add IMG transactions to current setttins in <b>ECC5.0 version.</b>

I think the process in ECC5.0 will vary or there will be some modifications or changes. So I want to confirm, whether the same process holds good or whether there is any modifications

Thanks & Regards