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Adding fleet management view tab to equipment

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Hello experts,

I am starting new fleet management project - I have experience in PM not in Fleet management.

I have successfully added two new tabs to a combination of equipment category 'V' + technical object type = vt01: tabs number 130 and 140 =

ID/Measmnts , Vehicle Technology .

In IDES system I saw another fleet tab = "DSD Vehicle data", but there isnt any way to add it via : "Set View Profiles for Technical Objects" for H2 Screen group equipment data NOR to H4 Screen group fleet object data (please check the jpeg I have added to this discussion - shows what i am talking about) .

Please suggest how to add the third view tab "DSD Vehicle data" to fleet technical object .

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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130 and 140 are the standard TABS to be added to the fleet object.

Now in order to add Direct Store Delivery Vehicle Data you need to implement that functionality.

Check note 755712 and this link: Direct Store Delivery (Backend) - Direct Store Delivery - SAP Library



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