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Adding field 'Document Type' to Cash Flow Statement form in FSI5

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Dear SAP Experts

I am developing a 'Cash Flow Statement' using FSI5/FSI3 functionality. I need to have a field 'Document Type' in the list of characteristics.

Can anyone of you guide me how can I add this field?

An urgent reply is highly appreciated.


Syed Zia Abbas

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Dear Experts..

Any update on my this query related to Cash Flow Statement?



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Hi Abbas,

I have few comments, which should help to solve your
problem. Please take a look to note 43661 which describes the
creation of new forms and reports.

Following are the steps to create the form and report:

FSI4 => Form type: Financial Statement Key Figures => Copy
             Form: Name and Text for the new form
             Copy from: 0SAPRATIO-04

FSI5 => find and double click the new form just created => Edit Gen.
data selection => change the FSV to what you want to use

FSI1 => Report type: Financial Statement Key Figures  => Create
             Report: Name and Text for the new report
             With form: Name of the new form details please refer to standard SAP report 0SAPRATIO-04

FSI3 => find and execute the new report to check if you can get the
result you want.

To change the fin. statement version in the general data selections of
your new form is not enough. You have to check each line of the new form
too and replace the fin. statement items with items of your own fin. statement structure.

- The mentioned forms contain restrictions via for example financial
  statement items in rows and years and/or periods in columns. But, if
  you execute the reports, you get no results. It is because the forms
  are just an example templates for items of financial statement version
  (FSV) INT, which is also just a template.

  To be able to get requested results, you have to create your own
  forms (and reports based on your forms) with restriction via your
  own financial statement version (in general data selection) and the
  financial statement items corresponding to your FSV (in particular
  rows). Otherwise, you cannot get any results, as there are no values
  for the template FSV INT and items from the INT.

  But it is up to you, how you arrange the form definition. It is
  closely related to your own FSV definition.

I hope you find this information useful.

Jose Luis Carbajo

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Dear Jose

Appreciate your effort and thanks for your reply.

You reply is more generic and is not at all relevant to my issue, as I have already completed Cash Flow Statement to the extent of 95%..

Only thing left is for certain 'Cash Inflows' where the proceeds are to be picked from total debit/credit balance excluding the adjustment entries.

I need to have one additional characteristics 'Document Type' to complete my report.

Let me know if you can provide any inputs now?


Syed Zia Abbas

Active Contributor
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Hi Syed,

I am doubtful if you can add further characteristics. We have to accommodate with the given set of characteristics.

As a final option, check with your ABAPer, if there is a chance to enhance this.