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Adding Expenses to a service call

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Hi all,

I am trying to update a service call by adding expenses.For this purpose i write the following code....

1.First i am getting existed service call into one object.

IServiceCalls objServiceCall=SBOCOMUtil.getServiceCalls(company,new Integer(19));

This service call with id "19" is coming properly.

2.Then creating new ServiceCallInventoryExpenses object by writing the following code...

IServiceCallInventoryExpenses objSE=objServiceCall.getExpenses();

objSE.setCurrentLine(new Integer(0));

objSE.setDocEntry(new Integer(64));

objSE.setDocumentNumber(new Integer(1063));

objSE.setDocumentType(new Integer(15));

objSE.setStockTransferDirection(new Integer(1));

3.Finally updating servicecall...

int flag=objServiceCall.update();

By executing this code i am getting the following error

<b>Error : No related record found. [OSCL.assignee]</b>

I can't understand what the problem is here.

Any one guide me in this issue.



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Answers (1)

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Hello Madhu,

It's weird why does it complain about it if you're opening an already created service call, but try:

objServiceCall.AssigneeCode = "manager"; 'Or some other Assignee

And see if it works.



Alfredo Pérez

SAP Developer & Consultant

alperal (at)