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Adding existing fixed assets to SAP B1

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Hi there

I was wondering
if anyone could help. I'm using SAP Business One. Whilst I now can easily add
new fixed assets to the system using Account determination>Depreciation
types>depreciation areas> asset classes>>>>Asset master data
then using an A/P invoice to put the asset value into the system. That's all
very straightforward. The problem I have now is how do I add the existing fixed
assets ( older pre purchased assets prior to SAP B1) onto the system. These are
assets where some are a couple of years old and  part depreciated and some
are fully depreciated. I need to put the book values onto the system as well as
the accumulated depreciation. I can't use  the 'A/P invoice method' since
this will create a new liability for payment as well as creating a VAT
liability despite the asset having already been paid for. I've tried
experimenting in the 'Play' version of the system whereby I tried just using
'Asset  Master Data' and Capitalisation' as a means of 'adding ' the asset
to the system. Unfortunately the balance in the chart of accounts remains
unchanged although if I drill down on the yellow arrow next to the account, I
can see the capitalisation entries which effectively cancel any balances out.

Would appreciate
some assistance on this one.

Thanks in


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Hi Stu

There is an import function for this. Try searching this forum for examples. There are also details of the layout in the help file for Fixed Assets. If you are using SAP Business One v9 just search the context help for Import Fixed Asset Master data and scroll down. The columns for Excel are listed there.

Once you have your file ready, go to Administration > Data Import/Export > Data Import > Import Fixed Assets Master Data from Excel.

If you are using an older version of SAP, the import will only work if you set the Fixed Assets Add-On to Import mode (not Productive) under Administration > System Initialization > Company Details > Basic Initialization TAB. Then go to Administration > Setup > Fixed Assets and use the import utility from there.

I would strongly recommend testing on a test db first as the asset numbers do not reset after failed import attempts.

Kind regards

Peter Juby