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Adding additional attachment in Sales Order

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Hello Experts,

Is there a way to automatically add additional attachment in the sales order output tab.

Client requirement is to send an additional pdf document for terms and conditions along with the standard sales order confirmation form (via e-mail). I do not see a way to achieve it. I found similar question ( in the community which says about submitting a feature request.

Please let me know if this feature is available out of the box. Also how can this be achieved.


Prateek Kohli

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Hello Prateek,

You can consider exploring Attachments API (API_CV_ATTACHMENT_SRV) to create new attachments for existing sales orders, or delete existing attachments.

Please refer to below SAP Help Portal documentation.

Additionally, refer to chapter 6.1 Output with Attachments of 1LQ Set Up Guide - Setting Up Output Management.

You may also try :

  1. Go to Change Sales Order - VA02 app
  2. Click on "Services for Object" button and then 'add an attachment'

Please note, as mentioned in  chapter 6.1 Output with Attachments of 1LQ Set Up Guide - Setting Up Output Management "Some business applications, (for example Billing Documents, Purchase Orders, etc allow you to select attachments for output along with the main
document (rendered form). " 
But I cannot find the 'display attachments' button in output request screen of Sales Orders unlike billing documents and POs, hence please check the feasibility of create attachments from "Services for Object".

Best Regards,