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Add-ons in Sap Business One 9.2 Browser Access

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Hello Experts

We have an add-on and we would like to know if we need to configure something to make it available in the browser access.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Jacobo,

Per the Administrator Guide of SBO 9.2, here are some relevant excerpts regarding the Add-Ons:

- When upgrading add-ons in an upgraded company for which the server name was previously something like (local), you may encounter a message about installation failure.

SAP Business One has introduced a license security mechanism, and we do not recommend that you specify a server name such as (local). In this case, during an upgrade, the user defines the server name as an IP address or a computer name. The application does not find the previous, (local), name of the upgraded company, which prevents the previous add-ons from being upgraded.

To solve this problem, do the following: Go to the …\SAP Business One\ folder and locate the AddonsLocalRegistration.sbo file. Change the server name of each related add-on to the new name specified in the license server.


o Old name: <Common ID="1" Name="(local)"/>

o New name: <Common ID=”1” Name=”MyServerName”/>

- You can also find more details about the Browser Access and Add-Ons compatibility in SAP Notes 2194215 and 2194233.

I hope this helps.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi all,

Please Try this query in SBO-Common Db in SQL

  • UPDATE SARI SET ClientType = 'A' WHERE EName = 'YOURADD-ON.exe'
  • The add-on should now be able to run in Browser Access



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Does anyone can explain about guarantee lost when updating this SAP Table?

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i dont think u can find answer here, u will need to contact your add-on vendor to see.

Based on my knowledge, even FMS will not work in browser. so I guess most of the add-on will not work.