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Add-on is disconnected when starting it automatic

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Hallo everybody,

we've written an addon and an installer for SBO. When I start SBO after registering the addon the addon is installed and linked sucessfully. Now I can start the SBO from the addon Manager whithout problems. When I change the user preferences in the addon administrator to automatic and start DBO again, I get the system message "Add-on ... is disconnected". When I use the option "Restart Add-on" SBO tells me "Connecting Add-on", "linked to ..." and immediately the system message "Add-on ... is disconnected" appears again. Using the option "Continue working without this Add-on" and starting it manually from the Add-on Manager, works.

Has anybody any idea how to solve this problem?

Thanks for helping

Christoph Menken

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Hi Jochen,

If your add-on is set to mandatory, it is a known bug in SBO, not solved yet in patch 30.

Some mandatory addons give a time out.

workaround: set your addon to automatic and it works.



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I too am having this problem and nothing seems to fix it. Regardless of whether I set it for Automatic or not, I keep getting the "Add-on is disconnected" error.

I've narrowed it down to the line of code:

SBO_Application = SboGuiApi.GetApplication()

This seems to launch the "Add-on is disconnected" error. The funny thing is, from the program's standpoint, it isn't an error. The program continues to process as if nothing happened.

Any ideas?

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Sorry Ad,

but the Problem is specially, when I use the automatic option for the AddOn. It only works, when I set it to manually and start it manually.