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Add Invoice

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How can I add an Invoice to the DB from a different program?

Do i need to fill out each column? Which columns are necessary?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Philipp,

It's going to depend on the capabilities of the external program. You can use the DI API to create invoices if the program has some sort of programming interface that can invoke COM objects. You could also consider some sort of integration software. At a basic level this could be the DTW (eg export data to the invoice template and load it via tha DTW) or you could look at the B1i or iBolt (though I think these would be overkill if you are only creating invoices).

For invoice rows, I think the only mandatory fields are Item Code or GL Account (depending on whether you are entering an item or service invoice) though in most situations other fields such as quantity, unit price etc also need to be part of the integration.

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