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Add field "STCEG - VAT Registration Number" in the report "Due Date Analysis for Open Items”.

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Hi all,

I’m trying to add field “STCEG - VAT Registration Number” in the report “S_ALR_87012168 - Due Date Analysis for Open Items”.

About that, I have found this threads:

So, i have added to table RFRRD20 (through append structure ZRFRRD20) the field:

Component --> STCEG

Component type --> STCEG

and after that, i have maintained the table TKAF as follow:

Appl. Class --> FBRD

Field Name --> STCEG

Type of use --> D

Data Element --> STCEG

Origin Table --> KNA1

Origin Field --> STCEG

Characteristic Display --> 2

Row/Column Structure Indicator --> 1

Report Selection Indicator --> 1

Characteristic Value Indicator --> 1

Now, I can see the field STCEG in the Characteristic List in FDI3 but the report data extraction is wrong. In detail, the report doesn’t determinate the STCEG for all items.

Analyzing the items, I have noticed that the report takes the STCEG value only for those items that have the STCEG enhanced in the BSID table (to prove it, I have put for some items in BSID a value in field STCEG, and now the report, for these items, extracts the STCEG value).

However, I need to extract, for all items, the STCEG value on the basis of the KNA1 table, like the standard field LAND1 - Country Key.

Someone could help me?



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Hi Maria

I have same request but with field STCD1 Tax number 1

for your info and for all others with same issue that need to add new characteristics to report  RFRRD20

1. append structure  RFRRD20 with additional field

2. maintain TKAF table as yu have described above


3. in FM ARRE_READ_DATA you need to additional field to be populated  at line 219



                                 OR FNAM = 'BRSCH'

                                 OR FNAM = 'KONZS'

                                 OR FNAM = 'STCD1'.    *** add this line

those are steps  to add field to FDI2 aging report for customers

hope this will be helpful to anyone with the same request



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Hi Dragan,

I did same but data not fetching to report.

So I added  field in ARRE_READ_DATA as you mentioned. But after that i got a dump.

Can you please help me?