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Adapt Cover Page (DDS_COVER_PAGE) for Document Distribution in SAPScript

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we are using the automatic document distribution with the

event "Release of a Document Info Record".

Now we have the requirement to adapt the form dds_cover_page which is

maintained as cover page in SPRO for the distribution types INT (int. E-Mail). At this cover page we would like to add additional data about

the distributed documents (e.g. Valid From Date of a DIR) and the name

of the distribution list with the TA SE71 (SAPScript).

But at this page dds_cover_page does not get data from tables DRAP

(Field Datum) and DRZAO (Field ASS_ID) we are not able to add the

necessary information to the cover page. Could you please tell us how

to make this informations available on the form dds_cover_page.

Thank you!



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please have a look for follwing..

1. SAP Mail

A SAPoffice mail is sent with this distribution type. The cover page information is copied to the mail text. The confirmation of receipt is sent as an attachment.

You have two options if you want to send attachments:

u2022 RML (SAPoffice mail with BOR objects as attachment)

u2022 RMA (SAPoffice mail with original application files as attachment)

u2022 ITS (SAPoffice mail with documents as attachment)

The recipient in an Intranet receives a link that can be used to start a document search in the Word Wide (service CVW3). Activating this link displays all the matching documents in a results list .

2. E-Mail

A SAPoffice document is sent as an e-mail with this distribution type.

You have two options for distribution:

u2022 INT (e-mail with original as attachment)

The cover page information is copied to the mail text. The original application files are sent as attachment to the mail.

u2022 HTP (E-Mail)

An external recipient receives an e-mail telling him that he has access to documents. The recipient can see the URL (uniform resource locator) in the e-mail. He can use this URL to access the original file via an Internet transaction server.

The recipient collects the files from the SAP system via IAC (Internet Application Component). The ITS (Internet Transaction Server) allows access to these documents.

Note:You must activate the function module CVVW_GET_ORIGINAL if you want to be able to access the ITS (transaction SMWO, function Internet release * Function modules, create function module; function Release * Release).


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Hi Benakaraj,

thank you for your description. We have customized the cover page for every single distribution type (RML, RMA, INT, etc.)

But now our question is how to add additional information to this cover page (DDS_COVER_PAGE). Until now (in standard) we just can add information via SAPScript (SE71) that is in table DRAW, DRAT and DRZOC.

Because in standard SAP Document Distribution function module CVV4_GENERATE_FORMULAR only information from this tables will be send to SAPScript page where it can be added to this page.

I guess to add more information (e.g. the Valid From Date of a Document Info Record) can just be added to the cover page with a modification?!!