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Ad-Hoc Query's - H2 awoid several lines pr.person

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My report struggle with several lines pr.person and in infotype 0105 it writes lines one level down ( on next person )in the report on data that belongs to the person above..

Any hints? Is there any user exits that can be set for the infosett?

thankful for hints/tips!!

kind regards,


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Answers (3)

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Could you tell me..

1. what to select and where to drop it?

2. how to default it step by step?

Thank you.


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Anja Geenen

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jst add the sub type of infotype 0105 in the field group select it and default it with

appropriate subtype no. u will get single line for each person.



rewards points if works 100%

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manish srivastava

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If you have created your infoset with a logical database it will allow you to create an additional field.

In the initialization section of your infoset, select the subtype into an internal table:


  • Perner and E-mail address for each person

SELECT pernr usrid_long

from pa0105

into TABLE i_email

where usrty = '0010'

AND begda <= sy-datum

AND endda >= sy-datum.

  • Sort so that we can use binary search.

SORT: i_email.

Then in your additional field use the read statement to get one result:

DATA: ls_email type t_email.

READ TABLE i_email INTO ls_email

WITH KEY pernr = p0001-pernr


I'm not sure if this is the correct or efficient way to do this, but it seemed to meet our needs.

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Thank you for your reply:-)

I tried your metod, but in the INITIALIZATION the system check doesn't recognise table e_mail (my additional field for e mail)

and in the additional field e_mail, the system check reacts to t_email.

I am not a developer so coding is not my expertise.

Any more tips?

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For large lists the solution with the internal table is better for performance.

Working as an example for you you can use the following coding:

CLEAR e_mail.
SELECT single usrid_long
FROM pa0105
INTO e_mail
WHERE pernr = p0001-pernr
AND usrty = '0010'
AND begda <= sy-datum
AND endda >= sy-datum.

Assuming e_mail is your additional field defined at the node P0001.

This will deliver the email TODAY. The possible selection dates are not taken into account!

For the complex solution you should consult an ABAP colleague.



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You just need to declare your table.

Go do the DATA section of the infoset.

TYPES: BEGIN OF t_email,

pernr TYPE pa0105-pernr,

usrid_long TYPE pa0105-USRID_Long,

END OF t_email.


i_email TYPE TABLE OF t_email.

A developer might be able to help you out if you have more trouble.