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Actual labor cost and equipment overhead in manufacturing

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Hi, all. I'm strugling to set labor cost and equiment data for CO. I'm stuck in reverse : (

First of all, as you know, there are three main manufacturing cost consist of direct material cost, direct labor cost, and overhead cost. I guess service is the same with labor or working in ByDesign.

But, i can't find actual costing logic for direct labor cost. I know there is cost related logic among Job ID, employee, labor resource, and service in the service and sales order case only... not production case.

I want to know how i can set a costing logic among...maybe... payroll, direct labor, and working time for a specific work process, In both case, actual and standard cost.


Second, i'm looking for information about equipment cost allocation. I want to allocate overhead cost of specific equipments in cost center into the material used these equipments. For example, if there are product "A" and product "B". "A" go through "X" and "Z" equipment, "B" is just "Z" equipment.
So, it is reasonable that product "A" have to absorb "X" and "Z" cost, product "B" should absorb just "Z" cost only.

This conclude, i want to know how to set this logic in ByDesign

Thanks regards,

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