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actual costs details

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hi,where can I get the details of actual costs?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Marnee,

The actual cost you can capture in report.

First which Actual cost you want to see, Activity , PO or Order.

For Activity once after confirmation you can go to Edit > Cost> Planned & Actual > Activity.

For PO once GR is done the actual cost will be captured & you can view in any standard repot available.



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Hi can you give me the t-codes referring for that particular report?

actual cost details - activity and actual costs of PO. thanks

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Hi Marnee

Check following reports:

Cost (Plan/Actual/Variance) --- S_ALR_87013532

Budget (Budget/Actual/Variance) -- S_ALR_87013557

Revenues and Earnings (Actual Contribution Margin) -- S_ALR_87013566

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